Olos is a web-based graphical programming environment to play with music through code and visuals.

I created Olos in Spring 2015 for my thesis at NYU’s Interactive Telecommunications Program. I utilized the Web Audio API, Web Components (via Polymer.js), and open source libraries including Tone.js, p5.js, and nexusUI. I forked Lenses, where Sepand Ansari had laid the foundation for the Max/MSP-style environment.

Presented at the Web Audio Conference, Georgia Tech, April 2016.


Frequency Modulation Spectral Waterfall: Plot frequency spectrum over time, with low frequency oscillators modulating the carrier frequency. No audio output, because the visuals tend to be more interesting than the actual sound. Instead, skip around past the 5 minute mark and imagine how it might sound as a musical score. Spring 2015.

Playing with olos while building olos, Spring 2015.

Play with Olos: