Monthly Music Hackathon

I’m part of a group of musicians, engineers, artists, scientists, and weirdos who help organize Monthly Music Hackathon NYC.

I’ve also attended several global Music Hack Day events, in part to present the Free Music Archive API.

I love these events. They’re a great way to get ideas out, and to percolate new ones as they’re full of interesting people who are doing interesting things. These experiences are part of what inspired me to attend ITP, where pretty much every day is a hackathon. In fact, two of my colleagues organized an event called the Stupid Hackathon, which is awfully good.

Here are a few examples of my music-related hack day projects…


At 2014’s Music Visualization Hackathon, I collaborated with Michelle Chandra, Pam Liou and Ziv Schneider to develop a Kandinsky-inspired music visualization. More Info | Blogged at Evolver.FM

OK 2 Dance?


Ok2Dance is kind of like Shazam except instead of telling you what music is playing, it analyzes the sound and tells you whether or not it’s suitable for dancing. More info.


Web MPC is an online sampler / drum pad.


I collaborated with Karen Peng to develop an web-based instrument controlled by motion. We continued developing Yayaya, it is now motionEmotion, and it was selected as a Chrome Experiment. More info | Demo.



ccRex allows the user to upload a track, and “rex” fetches similar results from the Free Music Archive library according to the Echo Nest API. I took on most of the coding in this collaboration with @krishnadrum at Spotify Music Hack Day 2013.

Demo here.



Free Music Map


Free Music Map plots artists from the FMA on a Google Map. @ MIT Nov 2012. Demo here.

photo by The Echo Nest



FMA Radio

FMA Radio

FMA Radio is a Pandora of Creative Commons music. It’s an idea I had for a while, and at my first Music Hack Day in Boston, I worked with Robbie Grodin, Jeremy Sawruk and Julie Vera to make it happen. Demo here | My blog post @