Eyeo Festival ’15: Music Visualization w/ p5.js

I’m excited to be among these inspiring people at the Eyeo Festival this June in Minneapolis. I’m revamping a workshop I’ve done at the Mozilla Festival and NYU/ITP. Here’s what’s in store and tickets are available.   UPDATE: Here’s the Github Repo w/ Slides:

QuickType Poems

I got a new iphone and for every word I type, it suggests three words that I can choose next. Eventually, QuickType will learn my texting patterns, and, for every situation, it will suggest words that I have used in similar contexts. So if I’m not careful, I will become a caricature of myself. For now, I think, I’m a blank slate. And yet, even before I had finished typing a single word into my new phone, QuickType was already trying to put words in my virtual mouth. Where does QuickType get its initial corpus? From people’s texts, I assumed. … Read More

Favorite Music of 2014

Turns out I love year-end list-making time! It inspired me to revisit some of my favorite albums of 2014. Meanwhile, the past month of reading other people’s lists has tipped me off to tons of amazing music that I might otherwise have missed. I still have a lot that I haven’t even listened to. It’ll take at least another couple days to get through it all. What else am I missing? I don’t know if 2014 was a good year for music. But it was a great year to be a music listener. Most of these releases are at your … Read More